Reinventing Compensation for Web3

DAO-native solution to contributor rewards, feedback, and all things people. Currently, Coordinape is free to use.
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Circles are made up of team members, their contributions and rewards and are part of an organization.

Why Coordinape

Reward What Matters

Empower contributors to see  where value is created and reward it reflexively and transparently.

See Your Organization at a Glance

Maintain a dynamic, holistic view of the value flow and relationships across your organization.

Foster Ownership & Belonging

Reinforce a healthy culture where everyone thinks and acts like an owner.  Promote stronger relationships built on mutual appreciation and feedback.

Attract & Engage Contributors

Newcomers and part-timers demonstrate skills and build trust while earning and learning. Full-timers stay motivated and engaged through fine-tuned rewards.

Start Fast – Adapt Fast

Get contributors onboard and involved immediately; compensation evolves organically alongside project and individual priorities.

Create and fund a circle

Create and fund a Circle of contributors with a set budget and timeframe.

Distribute rewards

Allocate rewards to your team members for their contributions.

Give Feedback

Easily give feedback and comment on contributions of your team mates.

Distribute rewards

Distribute Gift Circle and Fixed Payments through Vaults or export them as CSV.

See the value flow

See how rewards flow across your team.

Pool Together



Index Coop


... and many more!

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