Coordinape is being built by technologists, doers, and optimists who believe in the power of collaboration to make exponential change.

We come from many diverse backgrounds
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Coordinape Core Contributors

Why we’re building Coordinape

We believe that meeting the wicked challenges we face requires unprecedented collaboration - at greater effectiveness and scale than ever before. Teams, organizations, and societies need new mindsets and new tools to realize their potential. Coordinape is our humble contribution to the toolkit required to scale decentralized global collaboration. Our vision for the future of work is sovereign individuals collaborating fluidly and sharing the rewards of the value they create. By building gratitude, accountability, and collective wisdom at the core of our product, we intend that teams using Coordinape will improve not only what they’re working on, but how they work together.

“You can’t change the way people think, all you can do is give them a tool, the use of which will change their thinking.”
R. Buckminster Fuller

How It Works

Coordinape currently focuses on two primary features:

Gift Circles
Contributors allocate GIVE to each other based on the value they see being created. The simple premise is that if you ask everyone in the community who is doing good work, their collective answers will give a better sense of where the value is and who should be rewarded. Over time, this also provides valuable insights for the DAO about what kinds of work are prioritized, what the community finds most valuable, and the key contributors in different areas.

The GIVE and attestations you receive can not only provide compensation but also build your reputation both inside your org and across the entire web3 ecosystem. As you show your skills and deliver results, get rewarded with recognition and credibility.

Come meet all the great humans that are contributing to our DAO in our public discord and learn more how you can contribute in our docs.

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Coordinape, CoLinks and all associated products are owned and produced by the Coordinape Foundation.