Coordinape helps DAOs incentivize and reward contributors

The promise of DAOs is decentralized collaboration, where teams of people can solve hard problems together and share in the rewards of the work. As the revolutionary potential of DAOs becomes increasingly apparent, so do their challenges and limitations... especially by those operating within them. Coordinape aims to make the actual experience of people working in DAOs more dynamic, rewarding and fair.

Coordinape moves more decision making to the community. The simple premise is that if you ask everyone in the community who is doing good work, their collective answers will give a better sense of where the value is and who should be most rewarded. Over time, this also provides valuable insights for the DAO about what kinds of work are prioritized, what the community finds most valuable, and who are the key contributors in different areas. The shared visual display also enables everyone in the community to see who is working on what and find opportunities for collaboration or reduce duplication of effort.

Create and fund a circle

Create and fund a Circle of contributors with a set budget and timeframe.

Distribute rewards

Allocate rewards to your team members for their contributions.

Give Feedback

Easily give feedback and comment on contributions of your team mates.

Distribute rewards

Distribute Gift Circle and Fixed Payments through Vaults or export them as CSV.

See the value flow

See how rewards flow across your team.

Come meet all the great humans that are contributing to our DAO in our public discord and learn more how you can contribute in our docs.