May 22, 2023

Coordinape Org NFTs

May 17, 2023
Coordinape Org NFTs
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Zach Anderson

Coordinape is excited to roll out a suite of new features in coming months, and we want to thank YOU for trying them out!  Introducing Coordinape Org NFTs.  We are excited to offer a limited run of unique NFTs for every Org/DAO that tries out our newest features as we ship them.  We are building our community with you! And this is a  little way to say “Thank You!” for going on this adventure with us and gaining greater organization abilities for your teams.  NFT art has been designed by Coordinape contributor and NFT O.G. Zemm_NFT.

First up (campaign open through June 30)

Orgs O.G.s

Still version of Org OGs

How to become eligible:

Add Org Members here!

Mint here on OP after June 30th, 2023!

Make sure you are connected to Optimism, frens!|

* Please note, some users are getting unique OP network settings required for Mintplex's mint button above (its a bit jenky).

* If you get notices to update or switch networks, etc, we have found it does work after a couple of tries, and you can proceed to mint your NFT.

* Do make sure you are on Optimism before you mint - if you are on the wrong network it will still attempt to mint the NFT.

* Feel free to check in with us on Discord if you have any issues.

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