May 4, 2023

Coordinape Organizations

May 4, 2023
Coordinape Organizations
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Coordinape Orgs: Activate your Community

In “The Future of Work”™️, people can find and easily contribute to digital communities and DAOs. Individuals contribute value with autonomy and freedom in an environment of belonging and inclusion, bearing generous rewards and ownership. Web3 players want to find meaningful, sovereign ways to exist and operate as professionals. We need to be able to create value, be compensated, be recognized, share ownership, network, and much more within distributed digital communities. 

In many ways this new way of working has surfaced as the antithesis of “normal” work that corporations and governments have spent hundreds of years solidifying. Corporations are really effective at top-down hierarchical organization, but it’s too often a disempowered experience to be part of these structures, and the organization itself can become rigid and maladaptive to change.

For DAOs to grow and thrive as a counter-position, they need to become effective at fluid organization, where empowered, skilled people can add value and be amply rewarded much more freely. This is Coordinape’s mission and reason for existence. Our goal is to support DAOs and distributed teams to become more effective and highly operational, while fostering an environment for individuals to thrive: sovereign, connected, resourced, accountable, inspired. 

Org Life

To work better in decentralized groups, we need to raise valuable contributions up above the din, where we can see, reward and reinforce them, and elevate quality results. We need more ability to collectively double down on projects and people that are working well, and to do that we need to be able to collectively see those people and their work clearly. The most effective stack to identify, coordinate, and empower contributors is still emerging. Discord and Telegram create flows of communication, but also replicate the natural noise and disorder of multifaceted groups. 

Enter: Org membership, a way for your whole DAO community to explore and participate. Coordinape Orgs allows you to invite all DAO contributors into Coordinape to view your DAO from the inside, whether they are working in a Coordinape Circle or not. 

To facilitate this, we’ve built a new interface with an Activity Feed, updated in real time, to support DAO insights and individual engagement. Everyone can now gain insights into the DAO’s most valued activities and show support for what they care about via emoji reactions. The Activity Feed refines your DAOs activity into an intelligible display. As an organizer, you can get a clearer sense of the big picture. As a contributor, you can see more places to get involved and add value. And everyone can join in recognizing great contributions as they happen.

We’ve also opened up access for all org members to view circles in the organization, regardless of circle membership. Now, everyone can see who is in each circle and what they are working on. Opening up this circle data to everyone in the org not only shares greater and richer context about active work, but also answers the strong desire many of our users have for more transparency. As Coordinape continues to grow its platform, Organizations will become a meeting place and communicative hub for meaningful recognition of value.

How to Start an Org

It’s simple to invite your community and easy to manage:

1) Manual Invitations:

Just like with Gift Circles, Coordinape admins can add any wallet address or ENS into the org.

If you want to take it slow, or have a CSV list at the ready, open the door like this for your community members.

2) Token Gate with

Our Guild integration allows you to set up rules for token or NFT holders. You can determine who can join the org based on the tokens the DAO values. Use a Guild based on your DAO’s NFT collection or token, post up the invite link to see who from the flock wants to go deeper. Expand the pool of contributors through greater visibility and opportunity.

3) Invite Links:

The most open way to allow members to join is to use an Invite Link. This can be posted anywhere (perhaps a trusted TG or Discord Channel, an email list, or yolo it out on Twitter if you are feeling adventurous). Just entering a Coordinape org doesn’t have to be high-trust, as is often the case with Gift Circles, and for some communities this may be a great growth edge to explore.

For more details on exactly how how to use these methods to bring people into the org, check out our Docs or schedule a walk thru call here

Coordinape sees a future where each community is able to retain the fertile innovation of open access while increasing the quality of interaction and contribution of its members. DAOs are working to develop solid, efficient pathways toward meaningful outcomes and value distribution. Coordinape is right here with them.

Org membership is a simple yet powerful way to expand the collaboration space and empower your DAO with greater clarity and transparency. And it’s just the beginning of Coordinape’s vision to help DAOs and Digital Communities, which we believe can become the preeminent structure for humans to organize with.

Want to open an org, and need some help or guidance? Get in touch!

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