June 26, 2023

Introducing: CoSoul

June 14, 2023
Introducing: CoSoul
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Reputation is everything.

This maxim has been true since well back in our history as epigenetic beings, and it may be even more true now in the nebulous future of decentralized organizations. Your web3 history, engaging in the early days of this novel and rhizomatic structure, is valuable. It is your identity and a sign of your humanity. The human relationships you have stewarded, the accolades and respect you’ve gained from your comrades in various discords, telegrams and DAOs; that social truth and glue hasn’t been easy to visualize through on-chain mechanisms. Until now…

Coordinape is excited to be launching its first on-chain marker of the work you have done and relationships you’ve maintained, via CoSoul.

CoSoul is:

A free-to-mint SoulBound NFT that will automatically synch with your Coordinape history, bringing your experience on-chain.

Over 15,000 people have collected GIVE in Coordinape since we launched in 2021, and we are psyched to finally be able to give them an on-chain record of this activity. CoSoul is the first public manifestation of the Coordinape network, and a primitive on which much more will be built. It is mintable for free, on the Optimism network.

CoSoul’s introductory features:

How to Mint your CoSoul

CoSouls are open to anyone! Click here to get started.

You will just need a web3 wallet and a little bit of ETH on Optimism for gas.

You’ve Given plenty in Coordinape. Now it’s time to get something of your own. Start your Coordinape network presence today, and show the world your CoSoul.

[UPDATE: After the first 25,000 CoSouls, we have implemented a small fee to mint CoSouls to cover mint and update costs.]

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