CoDAO is for everyone that is imagining and building the future of work.

Governed by the CO token, CoDAO is a place for connecting people to meaningful work, meaningful opportunities, and to each other. We envision job and talent discovery, grants and retroPGF, and providing tools and practices for professional development.
The most exciting part is that ultimately what CoDAO becomes isn’t up to us - it’s up to you.

CO Token Airdrip

Today we distributed .25% of non-transferrable CO token supply to a small group of power users and fans of Coordinape Gift Circles and CoLinks. This “airdrip” is an important early step in ensuring those who are the most engaged with our products and the community have a part in determining the future of CoDAO.


You can check to see if you’ve been airdripped, and claim your CO on Hedgey

Check AirDrip
As we progressively decentralize, CoDAO will ultimately control the CO token and proposals will be open for contributors.

Always Building

Since we started Coordinape in 2021, people from nearly 4000 organizations have used Gift Circles to allocate over 41M GIVE to each other in recognition of their impact. Nearly 30K people have taken their GIVE-fueled reputation onchain by minting a CoSoul NFT. The giving continues on CoLinks, and very soon on Farcaster. If you haven’t checked these things out - get giving!

Further activating Coordinape users and growing these products are just one piece of what CoDAO can do and we’re stoked to build the future of work with all of you.

Come build with us!