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Fund your vaults and set budgets to make gift circle and fixed payment distributions. Currently, Coordinape is free to use.
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Diagram of how CoVaults Distribution works

Why CoVaults

One Vault, Many Circles

CoVaults allow you to distribute funds to multiple circles via self-custody smart contracts with your keys. You can distribute funds through Gift Circles, just as you did in the past, or use our new Fixed Payments, or both!

Fixed Payments

Now contributors can get paid a salary or UBI at the end of every epoch cycle with Fixed Payments. These fixed payments can be set individually and in addition to Gift Circle distributions.

Use Any Token

You can create CoVaults to hold and distribute ERC-20 tokens, which means that your DAO can distribute stables and native tokens to contributors. Additionally, create a Yearn-backed vault with DAI or $USDC to earn yield on your DAO’s compensation treasury.

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