August 24, 2022

Introducing CoVaults

August 24, 2022
Introducing CoVaults
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CoVaults are live! Fund your vaults and set budgets to make gift circles and fixed payment distributions. Less spreadsheet time, more build time. Any token. All on the chain.

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Why is Coordinape in my Circle?
At this time we've chosen to forgo charging fees for Coordinape and instead, we're experimenting with funding our DAO through donations. As part of this experiment, Coordinape will (optionally) become part of everyone's circles as a participant.
August 18, 2022
DAOs Explained
Historically, humans have organized themselves in a variety of ways: from tribes and councils, to LLCs, and C-Corps. But these forms of organization tend to be centralized in nature, and feel slightly out of place today. With so much of our personal and professional lives taking place online now, the real question is: what does an internet-native way of organizing ourselves and our resources look like? DAOs, or Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, are one compelling answer. In this episode, we unpack that. We explore the fundamentals: what DAOs are, how they function, and what they entail for the future of work.
The Divine DAO with Tracheopteryx | Layer Zero
Tracheopteryx is the founder of Coordinape, the intersubjective coordination tool. Coordinape allows DAO contributors to collectively reward each other as an alternate—and more elegant—means of compensating work & value. Trach has been on a podcast circuit lately, cruising through big cerebral topics orbiting DAO coordination and biomimicry.—addressing technology and civilization from a biological perspective is underrated. How do we shift from a ‘command & control’ approach to ‘sense & respond’? How can we take lessons from nature and plug them into novel systems powered by technology?
April 12, 2022